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Exciting Concert Saturday, August 12 Bradner Gardens 6-8PM and a brazen request for help with recording expenses!

By Jim O'Halloran | August 2, 2023

I’m super excited to return to Bradner Gardens to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seattle P-Patch program! We’ll be playing Saturday, August 12th, 6-8PM in Bradner Gardens Park   We have a great lineup of players and poets! Jim O’Halloran flutes, Irene Mitri violin, Gary Shutes  trombone, Alex Chadsey keys, Victor Little bass, Jacques Willis drums, and Denny Stern percussion; plus Poets…

SICA grant awarded!

By Jim O'Halloran | March 17, 2023

I’m delighted to be the recipient of a grant from SICA USA; the Subud International Cultural Organization.         The grant will be used to fund (in part) a recording of original compositions, and a performance of the compositions, most likely at Bradner Bardens Park in Seattle. The projected cost of this is…

Jim O’Halloran Trio with D’Vonne Lewis, Dean Schmidt, and special guest poet Paul Nelson

By Jim O'Halloran | June 29, 2022

What’s on the menu? We’ll be reaching deep into the O’Halloranian songbook for tunes we haven’t played in quite a while, plus a new one. Menu items include tunes by Mingus, Vijay Iyer, Alphonso Johnson, Terence Blanchard, Lecuona, Benny Green, Herbie, and originals by Jim. ==Special added attraction== Paul Nelson will be continuing to read…

Solstice music, poetry, and art at Bradner Gardens 7PM Tuesday June 21st

By Jim O'Halloran | June 15, 2022

This should be cool! Poetry, gamelan, flute, congas, singing, and artwork! This summer solstice, we’ll be throwing an event at the Bradner Gardens on Mt. Baker Ridge and I’d love for you and yours to join. The event will feature over a dozen poets and musicians from a fantastic variety of backgrounds and styles. You…

Jim, Dean and Jacques returning to Kezira Cafe’ Friday, June 24th 6-9PM

By Jim O'Halloran | June 15, 2022

We’re back!  We’ll have some new material, and also tunes we haven’t played in a few years that are really great vehicles for exploration in addition to being just wonderful tunes!  It is always fun to play with Dean and Jacques.  They are both consummate players and have a wonderful attitude that radiates off the…

Jim, Dean, and Jacques at Kezira Cafe’

By Jim O'Halloran | May 13, 2022

Friday 5-20-22 6-9 PM. This is always fun. And happy! I really love that! Dean Schmidt on bass, Jacques Willis on drums. We’ll be playing some tunes we haven’t played in a long time that I hope you will find interesting and rewarding to hear. As always, great Ethiopian/Eritrean food, full bar, all ages, and…

Jim O’Halloran Trio with Paul Gabrielson, Jacques Willis, & special guest Paul Nelson This Friday 6-9PM

By Jim O'Halloran | May 3, 2022

I’m really looking forward to my first outing with Paul Gabrielson, and ALWAYS happy to play with Jacques! Paul will be joining us to read from his new book Haibun de la Serna-some great poetry! We’ll be at Kezira Cafe’, 5100 Rainier S. 6-9PM this Friday, May 6th. Nigist has brought in a very talented…

Jim O’Halloran at Kezira Cafe’ Friday April 22 6-9PM with Dean Schmidt & Jacques Willis; and special guests Paul Nelson and Greg Bem

By Jim O'Halloran | April 14, 2022

I’ll be playing this time with the happy, funny, flexible, and very musical rhythm section of Dean Schmidt on bass and Jacques Willis on drums! In the first set, poet Greg Bem will join us; and in the second set we will add poet Paul Nelson with excerpts from his new book Haibun de La…

Trio at Kezira Friday, April 8th 6-9 PM

By Jim O'Halloran | March 31, 2022

With the superb rhythm section of Dean Schmidt on bass and D’Vonne Lewis on drums! We’ll be sporting some new tune, and Nigist has a beautiful new had-painted mural covering most of the North wall! As always, no cover, full bar, all ages, great food. We are always delighted to see you! Kezira Cafe’, 5100Rainier…

Jim O’Halloran Trio with Dean Schmidt and D’Vonne Lewis

By Jim O'Halloran | March 19, 2022

Friday!  March 25th!  6-9PM! At Kezira Restaurant!    With special guest poet Paul Nelson! We have been having a great time! Come enjoy the music, food, full bar. No cover. All ages. Paul will be continuing to read selections from his excellent new book, “Haibun de la Serna” with musical accompaniment. Thank you, Nigist, for such…


Livestreaming, for now when live music is hardly a thing

By Jim O'Halloran | May 4, 2021

I was happily surprised that we didn’t drift back into greater restrictions in large parts of Washington state this week.  Not to cast aspersions, but “many thanks” to the people who are not receiving vaccinations, and masking and distancing appropriately. This could have been in our rearview mirror by now. And, yeah, I know, there…

Find me on the new recording, “Salsa Music in the Pacific Northwest”

By Jim O'Halloran | April 1, 2021

I am delighted to have a song included on this recent release from Salsaneo records. A book will be published in the near future about Northwest Salsa from its beginnings to the present. I am honored to be included in the recording and in the book!

Who keeps my flutes in top playing condition?

By Jim O'Halloran | April 1, 2021

James Pelletier maintains, pads, adjusts, and overhauls my instruments. He worked with Alex Eppler for decades, and is obsessively dedicated to returning an instrument to its owner in perfect playing condition! You can reach James through the Eppler Flutes website.

What instruments do I play?

By Jim O'Halloran | April 1, 2021

I have been fortunate to be able to find some beautiful instruments with which to develop a relationship. It took time, persistence, and luck! Currently, my C flute is a Flutemakers’ Guild inline open hole B foot silver flute which was made about 1982. I use a cocus wood headjoint made by the incredibly talented…

Website design and maintenance

By Jim O'Halloran | March 19, 2021

I chose the ever affable and capable David Inness for webite design and maintenance. David allows me the comfort of an optimized, hackproof and high performing website, with great service and deep experience.

Recording, Mixing, Producing

By Jim O'Halloran | March 18, 2021

Why look farther than a guy with Grammys on his wall? Glenn has a great ear, is intuitive, and knows how to achieve your sonic vision. World class. www.glennsound.com

Wordcrafting and Message Tailoring

By Jim O'Halloran | March 18, 2021

Polished and professional content by  Plaster Consulting Mike is funny, quick, and easy to work with. Always a pleasure!


By Jim O'Halloran | March 18, 2021

Graphic design is by the supremely talented, happy crew at  Chalkbox Creative.


By Jim O'Halloran | March 18, 2021

Pictures by the very talented Jenny Boyle of  Jennifer Boyle Photography. Jenny brings out the very best in a person and has a truly professional eye for nuance, individual expression, and imagery. and more pictures by the excellent Barbie Hull of  Barbie Hull Photography.