SICA grant awarded!

I’m delighted to be the recipient of a grant from SICA USA; the Subud International Cultural Organization.        

The grant will be used to fund (in part) a recording of original compositions, and a performance of the compositions, most likely at Bradner Bardens Park in Seattle.

The projected cost of this is much more than the grant, however, so I have set up a GoFundMe page.  Please take a look and help fund this exciting project.

The tentative list of players includes Victor Little, Bass. D’Vonne Lewis, Drums. Andy, Coe, guitar. Wes Dyring, viola. Nathan Vetter, trombone. Anil Prasad, Tablas.
Thione Diop, Talking Drum. Edsson Otero, congas, Cajon.  Michael Nicolella, classical guitar.  Marina Albero, cimbalom.  Mastering with Haroun Serang