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Jim O'Halloran - Big Spaces

Small-Group Recording:

I've always loved playing trio.  Without a chord instrument, the playing is exposed, like walking on a tightrope without a net.  The trio is augmented to a quartet with terrific players on two tunes, The Loop and A Remark You Made.

The tunes: Break Brake Bark Barque, September 2010, Virgo A Messier, The Loop,  A Remark You Made.


Large-group Recording:

This is a large project involving as many as 13 people, predominantly Charanga-style, with some rock and blues.  It grew out of our love of African and Cuban music.

The tunes: 1) Solo Pueblo, 2) Soft Light, 3) Bats, 4) Grandparents, 5) That One, 6) B.C., 7) Mrrrga.


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