"The mystery and allure of music is that the meaning constantly changes.”

- Jim O'Halloran

Live music makes everything better.

Music connects and centers us. It brings people together. It elevates our lives.  And live music creates a special, unique environmentwhether it’s a public performance or a private party, a wedding celebration or a corporate gathering.

For years, I’ve been working with other talented musicians to add sound, emotion, and meaning to events of all kinds. I’d be honored to do the same for yours.


Hear jazz, Cuban charanga and Afro-jazz  from the Jim O’Halloran Trio, along with my solo work and other performances.


Meet the wide variety of incredible artists I’ve played with over the years—and the ones I’m collaborating with currently.

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From clubs and other concert spaces to private events, I have been fortunate to perform in a wide variety of venues for endlessly diverse audiences.

(photo credits: Jennifer Boyle Photography and Barbie Hull Photography)

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-About Jim-

Music means everything to me. I love it because it challenges me to find my center and connection with each note—and the silence between each note— and because it’s a shared experience that impacts each individual differently.

I’ve performed internationally with various ensembles, including leading the Afro-Cuban jazz bands Chela and Freezerburn. My experience over the years has given me not only an extensive list of tunes, but a deep reserve of excellent players to call for specific needs.

I’m currently playing with my own groups, including the Jim O’Halloran Trio, (or quartet/quintet/sextet), which specialize in jazz, Afro-Cuban, and African music.

When I’m not playing or writing music, I enjoy reading, bicycling, spending time with family, and cardiac electrophysiology (yes, really—I’m a recently retired RN). I also love going on walks near our home in Seattle with Lyle, the best dog in the world.